Warehouse Distribution Meets Transportation Services

Where top-tier logistics warehouse services meet robust transportation capabilities: Cargo Integrated Logistics bridges warehousing and transportation like no other.


Integrated Carrier Services

We stand out among logistics companies with our direct access to trucking partners, ensuring your goods are always in expert hands. Seamless and efficient logistics are a promise, not a perk.

Strategic Locations For Efficient Transits

Strategically positioned near major hubs like the greater Charlotte region, we guarantee reduced transit times and costs, ensuring the prompt delivery of your goods. With our trailer space planning, we also offer solutions for trailer parking, ensuring complete logistics solutions.

Aerial view of freight broker warehouse with truck at loading dock in the Charlotte NC area

Responsive Communication And Dedicated Professionals

At Cargo Integrated Logistics, we prioritize clear communication. Our CSR team is responsive, adhering to the sunset rule to provide timely updates. With a team tenure averaging 14 years, you're working with seasoned experts, guaranteeing expert insights and solutions tailored for your needs.

Tailored Carrier Solutions

Optimize your transportation with Cargo Integrated Logistics. We analyze your patterns, suggest carriers, and guarantee timely, cost-effective deliveries. Whether you're looking for freight management companies or asset based carriers, choose to integrate with our recommendations or utilize your existing carriers – the choice is always yours.

Truck load broker vehicle with veteran honoring wrap in the greater Charlotte NC region.

Tailored Transportation Options

Optimize your transportation with Cargo Integrated Logistics services. We analyze your patterns, suggest carriers, and guarantee timely, cost-effective deliveries. Choose to integrate with our recommendations or utilize your existing carriers – the choice is always yours.


Efficient Shuttle Service

Specializing in shuttle work, we facilitate smooth local transfers and over-the-road deliveries, directly connecting warehouses and customers efficiently.


Your Port to Dock Experts

Benefit from our list of preferred draymen for each port. By focusing on fewer, trusted partners, we ensure your containers transition smoothly from Port of North Carolina, Port of Charleston, and Port of Savannah to dock.


Our Carrier Partners

Experience our carrier partner transportation, utilizing trusted trucks and drivers for a seamless link in warehousing and transportation, distinguishing us in the field.


Nationwide Logistic Expertise

With broad coverage, our reach in managing logistics is nationwide. We offer a broad, reliable network for all your logistic needs, coast to coast.

3PL Warehousing Locations In the Southeast

Explore our strategically located 3PL warehouse near Charlotte NC. We are conveniently located near major southeast ports like the Port of Charleston, Port of North Carolina, and Port of Savannah.

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Real Time Inventory With Synapse Anywhere

At Cargo Integrated Logistics, we are always striving to provide the best service for our clients. That's why we have invested in Zethcon Synapse, a state-of-the-art warehouse management system that allows our clients to have real-time access to their inventory with a secure code and IP and password. Synapse Anywhere is not just a system; it's a warehousing customer portal that provides live inventory updates - a feature that our clients love and is a big selling point for us. The ability to see your inventory live in our system, whether it's 20 of this or 30 of those, is just a click away.

Man scanning inventory in a 3PL warehouse

Connect with Our 3PL Warehouse Experts

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