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Excellence In 3PL Warehouse Distribution
For Efficiency, And Peace Of Mind

When it comes to logistics, we provide more than just a service. We provide peace of mind.

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Customized Logistics Solutions

Comprehensive 3PL warehousing, transportation, and trailer parking services.

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Reliable Freight Broker

A seasoned team with an average 14-year tenure, ensuring consistency and reliability in our operations.

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Strategic Warehouse Locations

Our location in the Charlotte NC region, ensures optimal freight broker services near southeast ports.

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Comprehensive Trailer Parking

Product warehousing facilities with multi-layered measures to ensure the protection of your goods.

Legacy In Third Party Logistics

Cargo Integrated Logistics began as Cargo Consolidation Services in 1991. It was originally designed to be a furniture consolidation operation to meet a specific need. As the market shifted, we reacted by creating Cargo Integrated Logistics in 2013, a full service warehouse operation. Our vision was to diversify and extend our offerings through 3PL warehousing, freight broker management, logistics management. In 2017 we moved away from the consolidation operation to focus on warehousing and value added services.

Cargo Integrated Logistics is well-positioned in the greater Charlotte NC region for convenient points of distribution. We offer warehouse distribution from the Port of North Carolina, Port of Charleston, and the Port of Savannah. One and two day shipping is available and we can handle turnkey transportation or load your carrier of choice.

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Take A Tour Of Our 3PL Warehouse

Our strategically located facility is designed to meet all your 3PL warehousing and distribution requirements. From trailer parking to advanced freight management inventory systems, every aspect of our facility is optimized to ensure the efficiency, and effectiveness of our operations.

3PL Warehousing Locations In the Southeast

Explore our strategically located 3PL warehouse near Charlotte NC. We are conveniently located near major southeast ports like the Port of Charleston, Port of North Carolina, and Port of Savannah.

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Unmatched Security

Your product’s safety is our top priority. At Cargo Integrated Logistics, we have implemented a comprehensive security strategy to ensure the safety of your goods at all times. Our secure facilities feature cutting-edge security measures, full lighting, and paved grounds to prevent unauthorized access and theft.

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24/7 CCTV monitoring of all areas of the facility, including entrances, exits, storage areas, and trailer parking lots.

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Access Control

Restricted access to the facility, with entry and exit only allowed for authorized personnel and vehicles.

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Fencing And Lighting

Perimeter fencing and adequate lighting throughout the facility to deter any unauthorized access.

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Alarm System

Advanced alarm systems that are triggered in case of any unauthorized access or breaches.

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Fire Safety

State-of-the-art fire suppression systems to ensure the safety of your goods in case of a fire emergency.

Meet our Warehouse Team

At Cargo Integrated Logistics, we are more than just a workforce; we are a family. With an average team tenure of 14 years, our seasoned professionals pride themselves on providing consistent, reliable, and personalized logistics solutions to all our clients. Our stable workforce is a testament to the supportive and rewarding work environment we have cultivated over the years.

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Stories in 3PL Warehouse Success

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Careers At Cargo Integrated Logistics

Interested in joining us? Passionate about Logistics? Dedicated to Excellent Service? Looking for a stable and supportive work environment?

We are a strong team with zero warehouse turnover. We are always open to hearing from talented individuals.

We Value Experience in:

  • Warehousing
  • Transportation
  • Trailer Parking
  • Inventory Management
  • Customer Service

Thank you for considering a career with Cargo Integrated Logistics

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