Efficient 3PL Trailer Parking

Cargo Integrated Logistics offers specialized secure trailer parking, enhancing your 3PL warehouse distribution efficiency.


Tailored Trailer Parking Solutions

At Cargo Integrated Logistics, we understand the importance of secure and reliable parking solutions for your valuable assets. We offer specialized parking services tailored to the needs of our esteemed customers conveniently at our greater Charlotte 3PL warehouses.

3PL Fulfillment Optimized Trailer Parking

Strategically located in the Charlotte region, our 19-acre fully fenced parking facility is meticulously designed for optimal distribution support. Key features include:

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Gated And Guarded

Ensuring secure trailer parking, our facility is fully fenced with monitored entry and exit.

Optimal Location

Conveniently located close to Interstate 40, our tractor trailer parking lot is set in an industrial environment with like-minded neighbors.

Abundant Capacity

Space for over 350 trailers ensures we can accommodate even large fleet requirements.

Night-Time Assurance

Enhanced lighting systems deter unwelcome activities, ensuring peace of mind.

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Layered Security

We provide multiple layers of security measures.

Every client is given a unique access code, ensuring they can securely access their assets 24/7.

Trust in Trailer Space, Built Over Time

Our trailer parking services aren’t just transactional; they’re built on trust and long-standing relationships. While our agreements are structured on a month-to-month basis, many of our valued customers have chosen to stay with us for years. Whether you require a few spots or up to several hundred, we cater to a wide spectrum of needs.

Furthermore, as part of our commitment to maintain the integrity and security of our facility, we ensure that no maintenance or mechanical work is performed on the trucks within the parking premises.


More Than Just Trailer Space

Apart from trailers, we also accommodate tractors and even offer spaces for intermodal trailers. Our facility is not just vast; it’s paved, ensuring a cleaner environment for your vehicles.

Integrated Facilities

While parking is a significant part of our offerings, our facilities offer more:

  • Strategic Locations: 4 key facilities near interstates 40, 77 & 85, US highway 321, and other regional establishments.
  • Modern Warehousing: Over 420,000 sq. ft. of clean, state-of-the-art warehousing with 125+ dock doors.
  • Certified Spaces: 115,000 sq. ft. dedicated to AIB food grade warehousing.
  • Seamless Access: To major regional ports for import and export tasks.

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