Inventory Management & Control

Our IRMS Warehouse Management System (WMS) provides highly configurable settings under our business rules models. We can create these rules using a variety of methods including Dynamic Slotting Optimization, ABC Bin Hit Analysis, Stock Rotation, FIFO, FEFO, and LIFO. We also use Stock Control via Lot, Batch, and Serial Codes, and finally, Replenishment.

cargo-integrated-logistics-inventory-controlSetting up your warehouse properly reduces costly travel time and improves order fulfillment productivity. The system provides for consumption analysis and rotation, insuring the best use of space while rotating time and date sensitive products.

For any WMS, the measure of success is efficient and effective inventory management with minimal involvement. Our WMS provides the confidence necessary for systematic cycle counting, leading to reduced physical inventories and the cost and time associated with them.

The warehouse mobile application module allows associates to manage inventory as they move throughout the warehouse. Our system allows them to move stock, replenish it, and consolidate items while permitting adjustments. This includes lots, batches, and serial numbers, all while it records data and logs transactions – in real time.

Under a predetermined cycle count program, we can count a certain percentage each day while doing our work and reducing the need for physical inventories, warehouse shutdowns, and the delays associated with them. Our goal is to eliminate them altogether.

With continuous process control throughout the inventory life cycle coinciding with simultaneous counting and real time updates, our WMS eliminates wasted time and improves accuracy and worker productivity. This allows our workers to spend more time moving product and less time looking for it. Knowing what you have and where it is located yields better decisions, better use of capacity, and improved space utilization. Thus, spending less capital in excess inventory and wasted man hours.