Dedicated Customer Support

dedicated-customer-supportWe are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. It’s all we have to sell, therefore, WE GET IT! We try hard to go the extra mile with customer service. That begins with a good start.

We map every step of your process from your domestic or overseas plant, to our door, and beyond. We get into detail and learn more about your business than you ever thought possible as an outside provider. That also begins with creating a detailed profile, asking the right questions, and finishing with thorough implementation. From day one, our client will be assigned to one of our customer service representatives as well as a back-up. They may work with you on site, side by side, for a period of time to learn the processes that are critical to your success. We extend this same successful process to our dock platform employees and work hard to train the associates who will be working with your products and procedure every day. Often, we can share “best practices” with you that we have learned over time and may be beneficial to you. That is real time value-added when we can share our knowledge with our clients. You won’t be disappointed!